Welcome, I’m Alanda

I’m an intuitive visionary artist with a background of nearly 20 years experience in traditional realist portraiture and wildlife painting.

Over the last year I’ve have taken the opportunity to reinvent myself in relation to my art and in doing so, my heart has opened to my own creativity again. I’ve made brave decisions to say no to work that pulls me back into old patterns and formulaic ways of working and in that open space, I’ve discovered the things that bring me more joy in my own work.

I’ve realised that when I look at art that I enjoy, it’s not necessarily the faithful renderings of accurately painted subjects that I am drawn to despite that being the area I’ve worked in myself. In fact, it is more expressive paintings, those with magical, other worldly qualities that I truly love.

My passions in life, aside from painting, have always been related to the creatures of the natural world, the spiritual journey of self and the mysteries of the Universe. I have spent decades delving into all manner of mystical teachings, healing systems and sacred traditions as part of my own personal development.

I now explore these themes in my art as a way for me to connect to my own truth and experience of the divine, away from the distractions of an increasingly busy and disconnected world.

Alanda Calmus

In this way, my art practice has become an effective form of meditation that allows me to detach from everyday concerns and connect to something that brings me a greater sense of peace and perspective. The more I trust my intuition to guide me through the creative process, the more confident and positive I feel about the possibilities available to me in general. This process not only helps to deepen my understanding of where I fit in this world but also how I might expand my potential in this lifetime to inspire others and affect positive change.

This is only the beginning of this particular stretch of my creative journey but I’m not a novice, my journey started long ago and it’s my previous experience that has laid the foundations for this new work.

In taking this leap into visionary painting, I wish to reflect our deeper connections, not just to each other but to the entire Cosmos and I hope that in doing so, my art is found to be soothing, inspiring, uplifting and thought provoking.