Painting Process

“The visionary is the one who brings his or her voice into the world and who refuses to edit, rehearse, perform, or hide. It is the visionary who knows that the power of creativity is aligned with authenticity.” (Angeles Arrien)

I start most of my paintings in conjunction with prominent astrological times. Either related to points in the lunar cycle, particularly the new and full moons, or at the equinoxes and solstices to be able to incorporate these potent planetary energies. Before starting any painting I utilise different techniques to ensure my own personal energy field is clear and that I am acting as a clear channel.

I am a qualified Usui and Karuna Reiki Master so I use this in combination with other channelling techniques that help to amplify and focus the intent, to imbue my paintings with Universal life force energy. In this way the positive traits suggested by the art are reinforced and can be accessed and used for the highest good of the viewer.

When I feel ready, I set an intention for the work. This may be a theme or a feeling or sometimes it’s just a request to let my higher self be active, engaged and expressive in the painting and that I be open to new possibilities presented through this process.

I work with acrylic paint and other mixed media such as watercolour, ink, pencil, oil pastel, charcoal and chalk. After choosing the colour palette I wish to work with, I begin using different tools such as large, soft brushes, silicone spatulas, and squeegees to apply the paint. At first this application of paint is raw and seemingly chaotic, I make marks that feel good and that I enjoy, without a plan, yet bursting with potential and potency.

When most of the substrate is covered, I will sit quietly with it, spending time looking from all angles, softening my gaze, listening, watching and waiting for something or someone to present themselves, not trying to push it one way or the other. Once something tangible appears, I work to bring that creature or being into form so they can share their message and although I give guides to the symbolism I personally see within each painting, the messages received will inevitably be different for each viewer. What my paintings say to one, may be entirely different from what they say to another and for some they may say nothing at all on a conscious level.

There’s rarely ever only one entity wishing to be seen and most times others appear as the painting progresses. They don’t all make it through to the finished painting, yet something of their energy and message remains in these multi-layered and multi-dimensional pieces.

I sometimes condense these messages into a personally designed sigil to incorporate into the painting and I also occasionally add accompanying affirmations that reflect the overall energy of the piece. These affirmations are written using Theban script so as not to detract or distract from the visual imagery but a translation is always provided with the painting.


What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese healing technique based on channelling Universal Life Force energy to restore physical and emotional well-being.

What is a sigil?
A sigil is a type of magical symbol used to represent a particular desire or intention.

What are affirmations used for?
Affirmations are positive statements that, when repeated often, can affect the conscious and subconscious mind to help overcome negative behaviour and thinking patterns.

What is Theban script?
Theban Script is a substitution cipher of the Latin alphabet that is used to disguise the content of writing.